Einstein and the Relativity!!

I wonder what Einstein meant by the term Relativity!!
Did he just simply gave the scientific reason to the worldly phenomenons or he gave the entire concept of everyday life in a philosophical way?
Was it just a formula? E=mc2 or was it something bigger?
That simple formula made me think what on earth Einstein was thinking?
This world work on the principle of relativity, from micro particles to macro one from humans to things and from things to human. If we look around and observe closely we happen to see it clearly. Emotions are relative thinking is relative competition is relative time is relative we are all relativists. For example our daily needs like someone is spending money on buying shampoos and on the other hand someone needs money to buy bread. even Sir Einstein gave the philosophical touch to his theory. 😀
We all are connected in a chain of invisible strings.


Author: aroundtheworld5511

I am from Pakistan studying Physiology as my major. Beside studies I read and write and love trekking and mountaineering.

2 thoughts on “Einstein and the Relativity!!”

  1. An interesting theory, but actually Galileo coined the term relativity and he used it to promote the opinion that Copernicus took about the Sun being the center of the universe and not the Earth.


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