Love where you live

Appreciate locals 😊




Hand in Hand

What will be relief?

If there is no pain

What will be light?

If there is no dark

What will be smile?

If there is no cry

What will be moon?

If there is no sun

What will be sin?

If there is no virtue

What will be eyes?

If there is nothing to see

What will be this Planet?

If there are no humans

What will be Humans?

If there is no Humanity

Everything in this universe is side by side holding each otheers hands

Walking, runing and moving hand in hand 😊




To the Top

Start your journey by crwaling and make your way up to the top

Crwal, and when you are finished with crwaling

Walk,and when you are finished with walking

Run,and when you are finished with Runing

Fly, as far as you can

Work your way down up to the top..

No Shortcuts 😊