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Nothing we can Do?

Reading the Newspaper, Turned to Page 2

Read the News About Famine in Yemen

Felt the ache in heart and tears in eyes

Posted on the Facebook and shared a Video

After an hour, watching a movie on youtube

This is all the youth could do to stand up Against Injustice Today 



Raise Voice for the Children

The Strong Ones

Can you see it in their eyes?

They have a story to tell. The one they can never talk about

The one that is never gonna be heard. They got lost on the path to life

Can you imagine their pain which they call nothing?

They still smile, they still live, they still laugh

They rise every day in a hope to paint it

They dive every day in a hope to fill it

These are the people, who despite the odds, despite the pain, despite the loss

Never turn against the world, never runway and Never Backdown


Let’s Infect Eachother

I still remember what my Teacher said back when I was in School:

Just like Influenza, Motivation is Contagious, if you are burning in it, spread the flames, touch others and see the magic. 

And he would laugh and shout:

Let’s infect each other 

I want to infect you with the tremendous excitement of living because I believe that you have the strength to bear it.