Broken Glass

Perhaps a Broken Glass may contain more Crystals than Water 

broken glass.jpg



Stay Positive

Positive people know what they are about to do and why. Because of this, when they are being haunted by the premature quest to give up, they focus their minds onto the joy of accomplishing their pursuits.

Do more than just giving up.



Let’s Infect Eachother

I still remember what my Teacher said back when I was in School:

Just like Influenza, Motivation is Contagious, if you are burning in it, spread the flames, touch others and see the magic. 

And he would laugh and shout:

Let’s infect each other 

I want to infect you with the tremendous excitement of living because I believe that you have the strength to bear it.



It is all Linked!

It is all Linked, Motivation, Courage, Consistency 

And above all Passion, which takes us to the other side

The key to making progress is to recognize how to take that very first step. Then you start your journey. You hope for the best and you stick with it, day in, day out. Even if you’re tired, even if you want to walk away, you don’t. Because you are a pioneer. And nobody ever said it’d be easy.