Tell my Mother!

Can you guide me to a Place

Where there are no Guns

No Bombs, No Blood, and no Corpse

Can you tell my Mother

I have lost my Way to Home!

Can you give her my Blooded Bag?

My Ripped Uniform my Goodbye Kiss?

Will you tell her not to Wait Not to Cry

Tell her to Close the Doors

Tell her I am not Coming Home!

#16.12.2014/Black Daypeshawar



It’s Funny

People are so Blessed to speak out what’s on their Mind or What’s in their heart or what they are feeling.

For People Like us,  even when a thousand needles are hitting, we have to think like million times about What we should say

It is hilarious when someone is saying you are hurting them and you are dogging their Daggers to avoid any collateral damage

Life is Funny

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Did I Die?

I saw myself on the Edge of Falling 

I jumped into the Void and now suspended in Space

I am out of Oxygen, But I see the wind blowing around me 

I remember touching the ground but I don’t feel my feet

I thought I was living but I was lying in a Coffin

I heard people talking about burying me 

And then, A light approached, A hand Came, A seed sprouted 

I saw my self-renewing into a Flowering Plant

I came to Life.. Did I Die?

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