Move Forward

Sometimes you get hit. You Fall

You can’t get up. You fall Further

May be that’s what you have to go through to finally Live

Sometimes a part of yourself has to die, may be even the part you love most before you can realize what makes you whole and clearly see it’s larger than us.

If you are in the dark get through it by seeing the invisible so that you can do the Impossible.

Be responsible and accountable for yourself.

Just Fail Forward

It will make sense, when you see the Light at the break of Dawn




It is Funny how we choose not to Leave the Fight

How we choose not to Give up on Hope, on Love

How we stick to that last Speck of Light in the Long Nights of Fall

How we wait for the Sunrise after the Storm

It’s funny, how we fall in love with the same person over and over

How hard we try to stay by their side, how hard we try to win the Fight



What If!

What if we don’t wake up Next Day!

What if we vanish without saying what was needed to be said!

What if  we lose without even fighting a war!

And what if, what if, what if

Times slips away when we are trying to Grasp the moment

And what if, we die without even try to Live

It’s fun to think of the what-if. Scary, but fun. It’s like, I thought this door was closed before, but here it is open just the tiniest crack. What if?