Perfect Wonderland:Hogwarts

Here is the room of requirement

Here goes the Hufflepuff Basement

Placed the Headmaster’s Office here

Here should be the quiet room

Ummm, where should be the library? Here!!

This is the way to classrooms

And now time for all the secret gardens and forbidden forests

Lying on the bed, little girl again

Created her perfect wonderland The Hogwarts HITSimagenologoRESIZED_0


Author: aroundtheworld5511

I am from Pakistan studying Physiology as my major. Beside studies I read and write and love trekking and mountaineering.

4 thoughts on “Perfect Wonderland:Hogwarts”

  1. Impressive write-up. Loving the way that you bring out the persona’s voice and imaginations in such a peculiar way. Really love the way that you lace those words together, making a style of no other. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


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